Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wet weather again

It's been pouring with rain for most of the day. Which reminded me of the few days we took up in Hokianga to get away after the loss of Lawrence.
Here are a few photos of that trip:

Our accommodation

Just kidding! This was it, a lovely old farmhouse.

And some views of the Hokianga harbour (a short way from the house):


─░lhami Uyar said...

All landscapes looklike paradise thanks a lot for your sharing.Stay well,best wishes.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hello and thank you for your comment. We did a little travelling in Turkey back in 1986 and loved it, especially the beautiful south and west coastal areas. We enjoyed some delicious food also. Hope to return one day.
Best wishes

Dr Mum said...

Hey Bridget ...How are you guys!
You are so amazing... resilent etc
Have you felt any earthquakes where you are?
We had a freaky
light them acid yellow.
Also fog but combined with a thunderstorm the next day and snow the next day.
I will send you a card from Bali.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Mummy C
So nice to hear from you. No earthquakes in our neck of the woods. Weather sounds a bit weird in Oz. Hope you have a relaxing time in Bali.

Darroch Cottage said...

I love the Hokianga, so beautiful. We have a friend whose house is right on the edge of the water/shore in Rawene so nip over a lot to see her. Lovely restful area xx