Sunday, June 13, 2010

Galangal - Thai ginger or Kha

I harvested my 2 year old galangal today and got several nice rhizomes which I have trimmed, cleaned and peeled and cut up into pieces for the freezer. I'm going to be moving the plant to another spot soon so hopefully it will flourish again, meanwhile I have a few shoots that I can pot up and start a lot more plants. My clump of galangal has not flowered, I guess had I left it alone it might have done so in summer, but I need to shift it, plus try out the root in some Thai cooking - homemade curry paste soon to be on the menu! Now I just need to grow some lemon grass....

Here is what the pulled rhizome and stem looks like:

And a close up of the rhizome itself (the pink shoots I remove and will try to propagate more plants).

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