Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weekly roundup

A few more days down time from the blog as we had to reset our PC from scratch, having too many problems with it as is wont with computers!

Over the weekend we had a big cull of our chickens, long overdue. We had such a mixed bunch and had made the decision to change over from mainly Indian Game birds and some IG crossed with Araucana, to Brown Shaver hens, which are a commercial breed reknowned for their high egg production. So now we have another x14 chickens in the freezer and plenty of roast chicken dinners to come! They ranged in size from a tiny 800g bird to a more sizeable 1.5kg!
While they don't make a pretty picture, as a record and point of interest here they are (the X's didn't pluck well leaving lots of quills which was annoying)

G was out working on a farm and a nice farmer gave him several blocks of homemade butter! It tastes a bit sweeter than shop-bought, and is a lot paler in colour.


Mad Bush Farm said...

Well I know who to call when I end up with chickens to cull.
I lost the stomach for killing chickens. I can pluck them! Scolding the feathers first before you pluck the birds saves that problem with the pin feathers (most of the time!) But I can't handle the first part killing and gutting..

Ooohh Home made butter lovely!!!

Hope all is well with you guys. Greener grass for you now I hope! I had to cut stock down right down. That drought caused a lot of people a lot of heart ache I think. Glad it is over.

Big hugs to you

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Liz
I must confess...I did not kill them! I guess I should have since we were doing so many. But I did do some plucking.

Yes we dipped them in hot water, didn't seem to make much difference with those crosses.

Yes all well thanks. The grass, trees and garden are all looking a bit happier now for sure!