Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boy is it windy again today! I took D down to the local beach for an explore and the water was really choppy. Was nice to get out but also good to get back indoors again after the cobwebs had blown away! This photo doesn't really do it justice.

Time for a progress update. G has planted some of our seed potatoes, Rua is the variety we are going for this year. They did well for us last year and are a very tasty versatile spud.

He's made a start replanting the strawberries into newly formed beds (photo to come). Meanwhile we are getting a reasonable picking of strawbs off the other plants around the property (we have them along various banks).

I've bought yet more seeds. I think I'm addicted!

Pepper - Dulce espana. An Heirloom Spanish sweet pepper. Hopefully I can grow it.
Watermelon - Golden Midget. Looked cute, mini watermelons with yellow skinned fruit.
 2 more corn varieties - Xtra Tender Kernel F1, Golden Extra Sweet and some more Florida Supersweet F1. Yes we hope to have lots of corn this summer. If we don't eat it, freeze it whatever, the chooks and pigs will be in for a treat.
Also some herbs, German Chamomile and Thai Basil.

We had a broody hen (the Indian Game hen 'Clucky') so decided to buy some fertile eggs for her to incubate (since we no longer have a rooster). She has always been a great mother in the past and has been sitting full time on these eggs since last Wednesday 13th. The 21 day incubation period takes us up to 3rd November, so hopefully we should see some chicks hatching out around then. These are crossbreed eggs, a mix of Plymouth Barred rock, White Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex and Aracauna. They should suit well as table birds.

And lastly, a mention about Cabbage Trees..! If you look about, you'll notice that they are flowering at the moment. They have a beautiful perfume.


Cadi said...

What a lovely beach picture.

I think I will be addicted to seeds, too. I'm already looking & we still have autumn & winter before us...

Eco Gites of LĂ©nault said...

Did you mention seed addiction? I know what you mean. I came back from the UK via the RHS garden at Wisley and spent far too much on seeds in the garden centre .... in my defence they were things I had had trouble getting anywhere else and included some wonderful snaky and swan shaped gourds for the boys to try next year.

We are well on our way to winter here - the frost last night turned the tomatoes and remaining pumpkin plants in the polytunnel all black and fresh strawberries are but a distant memory. I did get lots bottled this year though and have plenty in the freezer waiting to be turned into jam so they should help remind me of summer.

Rosie x

Mrs. Mac said...

Cabbage trees that have a nice smell :) If I'm seeing correctly, they look like a yucca plant in the S.W. dessert of the USA. Are they the pointy plants? Your sunshine and fog reminds me of living near the beach as a child. Enjoy your planting time .. we're just packing up the garden for the winter months ahead.