Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flowers around the farm

Succulent Echeveria Elegans
Gladiolus nanus "Mini Kiss Nymph" (I think! - see comments)
Mange tout pea flower

Mange tout pea pod
We had our first mange tout pods the other night, they were delicious, lightly steamed.


Matron said...

It is so lovely seeing your garden in its Spring glory when over here we are just clearing up for Winter. Keep the colour coming please!

Killiecrankie Farm said...

hmmm i'm pretty sure it is a gladioli (species type).
your garden is looking great - can't wait for spring to actually settle in here over the ditch.

Cadi said...

Oh my gosh! Beautiful!!!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

I wish there were lots more. These are just in pots, as we have yet to plant a flower garden at our place (although I hope to get some more flowers in to the veg garden this year and on the banks next to).

Thanks Killiecrankie Farm for your suggestion re. the pink flowered plant! I am pretty certain you are right, and it must be a Gladiolus nanus "Mini Kiss Nymph" judging from the photos on the net.

Ruth said...

Are those Carouby sugar snap peas? I grow those and get as much joy from the flowers as from the pods! Mine are only just poking up through the soil though so I'll have to wait a bit to get the goods!
My sage and gladioli aren't flowering yet either, I guess you're a bit ahead being in a warmer part of the country. (or perhaps you were just more organised than me when it came to seed sowing!!)

mangocheeks said...

I've never grown mangetout. Oneday i will.

The ixia are my favourites.

Paola said...

Love the pics. Sage has a nice flower doesn't it?

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Ruth, yes they are the Carouby snow peas. First time I have grown these and I've very pleased with them. The taste and texture of them is perfect. The flower is a beautiful 2 tone.
The weather would have a lot to do with the flowering. It has been pretty warm up here over the last few weeks. We are in an exposed spot though so the wind does make it challenging! It's much better now that we have the fence up round the veg garden.

Hi Mangocheeks - grow them, they're good!

Hi Paola, yes it does. This sage is doing really well in my old concrete washtub planter!

Mrs. Mac said...

I shall enjoy all things spring while paying a little blog visit to your lovely farm ... now it's time for our area to slip into autumn .. garden is about to be tucked away for the winter as well .. but, hopefully, not before our second batch of raspberries ripen.