Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy pigs

The pigs are now housed in their new enclosure. They have a lot more space, less mud and a big grass paddock to run around in (and they do!). The green thing in the photos is a cover we thought they might like for a bit of shade, but in hindsight have taken it out, they have their shelter which gives them shade and also the fences are all now double height corrugated iron (wasn't quite finished in these pics) so at various points depending on where the sun is they can get some shade there also.
I think they are very happy. Well done and thanks to G for all his hard work.


Maa said...

So the saying goes...."Happy as a pig in mud"!

They look very happy with your endevours too. Next project? Maa.

Cadi said...

Oh, they are so cute! :-)
I know you will most likely eat them.
To me they are still cute. :-)

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Maa
The fence still needs painting to make it look a bit smarter. No shortage of other projects!

Hi Cadi
They are quite fiesty animals, and run around like mad things in their new paddock!
Yes, they are destined for the dinner table...bacon, pork and ham.. but they will have had happy lives - compared to most of the pigs 'grown' for meat here in NZ, it's not a happy story at all :-(.