Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fruit and veg and baking

I've been fairly busy, with one thing or another, hence the lack of posts - sorry folks! The garden is still producing well considering we are into Autumn. I have yet to get any winter veg in, but I guess there is still time for a few things.

However we're still picking tomatoes - I've been making loads of passata and bottling that, also freezing halved or chopped tomatoes to make soup and add to stews etc. I also made up a batch of tomato relish which we have yet to try.

I've also got a few chillies and capsicums ripening now, looking forward to those.

We've cut into our first pumpkin - one of the Queensland Blues - and it is a good pumpkin, nice solid flesh and not too hard to cut. Not sure how easy the Musquee du Provence will be to cut up! These ones are not quite ripe yet, although getting there.

A small Queensland Blue pumpkin, and one cut open showing the inside
Watermelons 'Sugar Baby' and raspberries
We're now harvesting a different watermelon 'Sugar Baby' which grew really fast. Probably a few too many melons for us to eat but we can give some away I'm sure! The raspberries (not sure what variety these are unfortunately) are producing quite well now for young canes (I think we put them in only a couple of years ago). So today I made some more friands:

And for the space crazy youngest member of the family who doesn't like the friands (yay!), I made some of these gingerbread cookies with my new rocket cookie cutter:


BLD in MT said...

What a lovely green pumpkin. I've never seen one that color before. It is beautiful--inside and out.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Tastes good too!

Maa said...

My you have been busy. A very satisfying busy too, I see. What fun.
Love the cookies you made for your your son. Nice surprise for him.
How's your back? Maa.

Sincerely, Emily said...

What a beautiful pumpkin. And how nice to have fresh melons and berries. You sound busy. Enjoy!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Maa
My back is still sore but I'm getting there. The osteopath is doing a great job, will just take a bit of time to get it right again!
Thanks for asking.

Hi Emily
Thanks, yes it's great to be harvesting fruit and veg from the garden. I'm especially enjoying the raspberries right now, but the pumpkins are good too.

Dr Mum said...

You found a rocket cookie cutter. . . . . awesome!
I am in Bali watching the Asian Cooking Channel on TV
a most inspiring and wonderful TV channel.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Dr Mum
How wonderful to be in Bali.
I love Asian food, especially Thai curries!

Matron said...

I love to grow Queensland Blue pumpkins here in England. They are not widely available here and I obtained some seeds from fellow blogger Scarecrow in Australia. One of the best in my opinion.