Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rain and some photos

Yay we've had a decent amount of rain, and it's still raining which is great for the plants and for our water tank!

Thought I'd post a few photos from around the farm as it's been a while.
The chooks are now allowed to roam freely in the sectioned off part where we grew the corn and some tomatoes. The pumpkins are still on the vine and ripening up nicely. The chooks really enjoy being able to scratch around and get the bugs. The 3 chooks on the right in this picture will soon be chicken dinners..and they were from this lot of chicks so they are approximately 16 wks old and should make nice table birds.

The big yellowy brown pumpkins are Musquee de Provence and the grey ones are Queensland Blue. Looking forward to tasting the M d P as I've not eaten this variety before.

The little Kumquat is doing quite well considering the dry summer and is covered in flowers which I'm pleased about. The citrus orchard is really not very impressive as we put it in before we'd established any shelter hedging, probably a bit too keen! However the Rangpur limes are still fine, they must be the most hardy out of all the citrus we have. The hedging is coming away now so in a couple of years things will look a lot better!

Here is part of another hedge along the front boundary fence which is currently in flower. The tree is called 'Lacebark' (Hoheria populnea) and is very pretty when covered in these lovely white flowers:
Lacebark 'Hoheria populnea' in flower


ms lottie said...

I've been thinking about putting my chooks into a pen that has pumpkins still ripening in it but have been wondering if they'll peck at them. Yours seem to be leaving those ones alone so it's probably ok?

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Ms Lottie
Mine don't seem interested in the pumpkins so I would imagine you'd be pretty safe to do so. I guess you could always see how it goes for a day and remove the chooks if they do any damage.

Sincerely, Emily said...

What beautiful pumpkins. Emily