Thursday, March 8, 2012

Passionfruit time!

We have loads and loads of passionfruit, so I am busy freezing as much as possible. Apart from using standard ice cube containers, I also have a couple of silicone trays, which my sister gave me ages ago. They are designed for freezing portions of baby food. I'm now putting them to good use for freezing handy portions of passionfruit pulp. Being silicone, it makes the job of removing the frozen pulp easy, then I put a whole lot in zip-lock bags.

We are also enjoying it fresh of course. And scooped over homemade vanilla icecream with just a tiny drizzle of golden syrup.....

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pilgrimscottage said...

Our passionfruit vines are getting there. We're looking out for their first blooms. I like your idea of freezing them for future use.