Saturday, March 17, 2012

Update for mid March

The hops are ready so I've been picking them and frozen lots in zip-lock bags for future use. I've also dried some for use in sleep pillows, have made one for myself and will start on more soon. I'm also hoping to make some beer soon, when I get my brew bucket I'll get started! Will be my first attempt at brewing so wish me luck!

We are still getting a reasonable amount of grapes and passionfruit. I made some grape jelly but unfortunately it didn't set well. Maybe I should have added some pectin instead of the lemon juice, or maybe I just didn't boil it long enough...

In the veg. garden we're getting tomatoes, chillies, herbs, greens (rainbow chard and silverbeet), beans, carrots and the other day D picked 6 cucumbers off his vine!

I've planted broccoli, cabbages, kale and cauliflowers and covered them with netting to keep the pesky cabbage butterflies off. In the empty pig run we've sown sugarbeet, mangel, silverbeet, turnips, beetroot, spinach. I've bought  more seeds to sow (for us!):

I've not grown parsnips or brussel sprouts before so that will be interesting! The 'Majestic Red' carrot got a good review in this month's NZ Gardener magazine so thought I'd try them out. Broad beans are always a useful crop, if we don't eat them, the new pigs will and they are very good for the soil.

I'm waiting to get some more farm milk to try my hand at mozzarella, haven't made any more cheese since the last lot of ricotta a few weeks ago.

Off to make ice cream, gingernut biscuits and some focaccia bread for lunch!


BLD in MT said...

We keep saying we need to learn beer brewing. But, we haven't yet fit it in to all the other little skills that keep our house a running.

Isn't is so fun to grow new things? Gardening is such a grand experiment. I adore it.

Anonymous said...

Bridget, can you send a little of your energy my way please. Yes....I need to start plating for my winter here too. Pop over to my new blog when you have time, I'd love to see you. Sue ( Maa)

Matron said...

I read about making hop pillows to aid sleep a while ago, must remember to try it when they ripen in Autumn. Here in the Northern hemisphre it is early Spring. I found out recently that the hop shoots, the first few inches of the vine are used widely in Italy as a delicacy, either in omlette or risotto! They call it Bruscandoli.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi BLD in MT have not yet started my brewing, other things are getting in my at present!

Hi Sue sorry I haven't had a chance to check your blog (or others for that matter) but will do soon! Hope all's well with you.

Hi Matron, I was really interested to hear that the hop shoots are used in Italian cuisine, will have to give it a go!