Thursday, May 31, 2012

Banana cake pops

I wasn't expecting to make these again so soon after last time, but I had to use up a banana and coconut cake which was getting forgotten in the fridge!

This time though I made up a cream cheese frosting and mixed this into the cake crumbs. I was careful not to overdo the frosting to cake ratio this time round and I think I succeeded in getting the correct texture. I also made the balls a little smaller, (somewhere between a walnut and a golf ball size).

I used up some leftover dark chocolate to adhere the cake pops to the lolly sticks.
After chilling the pops in the freezer for a while, I dipped them in a little melted white chocolate before dropping on some sprinkles by hand. I used a spoon to try to scrap off some of the excess chocolate as last time the coating was quite thick and added to the extra sweetness. They might not look perfect but I was quite pleased with the result, I think they are nicer than the chocolate ones I made first time round. Only trouble is.........the youngest member of the household says he doesn't like them! Oh well, I tried!

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