Sunday, June 15, 2008

Progress in the vege garden

Thought I should mention how things are going in the vege garden now that Winter is upon us. Well we have a few broccoli and cauliflower seedlings coming along. The onions are getting bigger (they are slow growers). I've also put in some Welsh onions (to use as spring onions) and will have some leeks in due course although they are tiny at the moment. The artichokes are doing OK, it will be a couple of years before we can harvest those however. I have some asparagus peas coming up, they will be a new crop for us to try. The carrots are all coming up well too.
I've prepared the beds for some new strawberry plants, they should arrive next week so will plant those. 15 plants to fill 2 beds 3m long each. Might get some more as the fruit wouldn't get wasted. So long as we can keep the bunnies under control and that means finishing the fence and probably a few night patrols with the rifle for Graham. Last time we grew strawberries the bunnies came along and ate them all just when they were all ripening up :-(

Also soon to be planted is garlic. I've got about 75 cloves to go in, although that seems a lot, they don't need a lot of space, so will take up just one bed (3m by 1m). Got to thinking it might be a good idea to grow a lot more garlic, as we've got the space and also I've a notion of selling it at market, or even at the gate too. It's hard to find good NZ grown (plus spray free) garlic in the shops, as most of the garlic is imported from China these days. So who knows it could be a good seller. If not, well then we can store some, give some away and also feed it to the chooks as it is prevents worms and keeps them healthy.

I'm quite keen to set up a gate stall for summer to sell any excess produce. There's nobody else doing this on our street at present and although we don't get all that much passing traffic, we still get some, and I think possibly the weekender people might stop if we can provide fresh produce/herbs. Here's hoping anyhow. Every little bit (of money) counts these days.

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