Saturday, June 28, 2008

The wild weather continues..

Well last evening we had torrential rain, hail, thunder and lightning and then a power cut. Luckily we have a good strong generator, so Graham started that up and we had lights and could power our water pump for water out of the taps. I went to bed early but I think the generator also powered the computer for a while. The power came back on for a while then out again for another while.

This morning there were a few things blown about the place, covers off things and water gushing over the drive from the dam, washing the gravel off. Also we had a river running through our apple orchard! Here's a picture taken at the bottom of our land (it's wetland but usually just a trickle runs through).

I don't think we've ever had so much heavy rain in one hit since we've been here. And I've yet to plant the garlic, the ground is now well and truely saturated.

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