Monday, June 9, 2008

Reasons for our lifestyle

I've been thinking about this post for a little while.

What made us move to the country in the first place?

Well here are some reasons that spring to mind:

* Above all to grow our own food - fresh, chemical-/GMO-free, plus different varieties from what's available in shops (i.e. heritage vegetables and fruit - better tasting, better nutritional value)

* In doing the above, saving a bit of money

* To be able to plant more native trees to restore the land to it's previous state (before it was cleared for farming a few decades ago)

* For the peace and quiet

* For the fabulous night skies (no light pollution)

* To have some space

* To get away from the rat race

* For a simpler way of life


Out in the sticks said...

Hello Brigit,

Great you're writing about your Lifestyle block. Thought I'd say Hi.My Blog is a bit different. I do those cartoons for Rural Living you might have seen on page 2. I have 12 acres so I know what it's like to enjoy the space.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Liz, thanks for your comment. Checked out your blog, very funny. Good luck with your ongoing possum control!

Cadi said...

I somehow landed on your blog & this blog post especially spoke to me. I so long for a simpler life 'in the country'... Bright blessings to you. I know it has been cold down there. ;-)

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Cadi, thanks for your comment, greetings to you also