Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kohl rabi

I've not grown or eaten Kohl Rabi before but I was intrigued so put a few in. Here is one I harvested today.

Will add a post after I cook it.


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Actually it's very nice. I tried a couple of years back at a friends place. It was lovely. I'll be really interested to find out how you found it.
PS What a lovely day it's been today.

Joanna said...

KR was my great discovery of last year, and when I posted about it, I made contact with a KR fiend (no other word) who lives in the US and who travels miles and miles to buy all the KR he can eat during the season.

It's delicious, like essence of everything that's good about cabbage. I'll look forward to reading your take on it


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Thanks for your comments Liz and Joanna, I'm usually such a fan of most veges I was quite disappointed that I didn't find the kohl rabi as delicious as it is rumoured to be! But maybe my plants were old and tough. I'll try it again though.