Sunday, October 5, 2008

Windy weather

I haven't been outside to do anything much since I've been sick for a few days with a nasty virus, but it has also been awfully windy here on Cabbage Tree Farm. The wind was blowing strong Northwesterly today but the sun was out too.
G has been wonderful, getting out there and digging holes with the post-hole borer, and then planting more trees. Today he put in lots more manuka along the hedge up by the orchard, to give us some privacy from the road and protect from the wind. I'll get out there and take a photo asap. Now we can put down the mulch in this area, probably a 2m wide strip right the way along the fence which is quite a few metres long.
The seeds I sowed a couple of weeks ago are doing well, I will need to get them in the ground soon.

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Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Sorry to hear you have been sick. Sunday's winds were awful That mulch will look wonderful when you get it down. Love your blog