Friday, April 17, 2009

A short stint down in Rotorua

Yes I've been away on hol for a few days, once again sorry for lack of posts there folks! We were down in lovely Rotorua with my reli's from the UK. The weather was great, no rain and pretty sunny for most of the time. We stayed in the Regal Geyserland hotel which overlooks the Te Puia (aka Whakarewarewa) thermal park, which wasn't all that flash but we had a spectacular view of the geyser and boiling mud pools. At night the geyser was lit up (until about 9pm) so we had a bit of a show going on for a while. Not a lot of activity with the mud pools, I think because everywhere has been so dry, they need lots of water to really do their thing. Anyway we had a great time.

Consequently, not much to report from around the farm. We haven't had the vege garden fenced yet, should be soon. It really needs a blitz to get everything under way for winter crops, have been a bit slack on that front. Still, I picked some chillies and tomatoes earlier and we ate one of the last zucchini (yes I know...........) Pretty much everything else has finished now. Waiting on the kumara, won't be long until they are ready.

Chooks are laying, not that many but enough. We need to cull about 8 for the freezer, they are eating heaps as there are so many of them now! Plus we want roast chicken!



Mad Bush Farm said...

Hi Bridget

Wonderful! I love Rotorua and will have to go down there again sometime with my girls. Weatherwise it's been wonderful but we really do need that rain and very soon. The chickens may go off the lay soon for winter. Mine are still laying..just but i don't expect anymore eggs after the end of April. No culling for this lot they'd taste terrible anyway.

Take care and stay well

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Liz
Yay the rain has come! Our water tank was getting very low so just in time for a top up!
Will take a look at your blog soon I've been away again for a few days, busy busy busy. Good to get home for a rest!