Friday, April 3, 2009

Why we haven't been getting any eggs..

Our egg supply of late has been rather sad. Nothing for days on end, then a few days ago G discovered several on the floor of the coop. Yesterday 3 were sitting neatly in the nesting boxes. Thanks girls. But today nothing.

In the large fenced-off chook run we have 2 small broody boxes/runs that have been lying around empty for a while. I was moving these to fresh pasture when I disturbed one of the grey Araucana hens inside one of them, and guess what? There were all of 14 eggs in a cluster.... My fault really as I hadn't closed the door to the broody boxes.

Rather than waste them, I've gathered the eggs up and given them the dunk test in a jug of cold water to see if they are still fresh to eat (cooked only). All sunk to the bottom so hopefully they are still OK. They've been out of the sunlight. I won't know for sure until I crack them open of course and this I will do outside, just in case I strike an off one because gee can they stink! But even if they look slightly odd they'll be for the compost.


Mad Bush Farm said...

Sounds like to me you have some eagg hoarders. Maggie does that to me all the time. Also with the change of seasons hens will often go off the lay especially if the night temperatures are lower which of late they have been. Worms can also cause sporadic egg laying as well. And the age of the hen also can have an effect on the out come. Over 18 months of age egg production usually does drop off. Winter of course older hens go off the lay completely then resume again in spring. At least you found some eggs. Nice Omelet perhaps?

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Liz,
Yes, some of the girls are getting a bit old now. Got a few young hens (not laying yet) that should boost things in Spring. Need to cull quite a few birds for the pot, esp. as there is a young cockarel that's just starting crowing!
Might use the eggs up making a few cakes if I have time.