Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day in the garden

Dylan took this picture today and I thought it deserved a place on the blog! You can see the prepared beds on the left of the shot and the coriander and blueberry on the right.

G is now working on the edging for the beds, while I get as many things in that I still can for the season.
Coming together, if not slowly..then surely! :-) We seem to have so many projects on the go at once!

I got a few jobs done today at last. Mucked out the chickens and put this on the compost piles. Re dug and replenished the compost piles.

We also caught yet another possum last night. Lots around at the moment and they are doing a lot of damage to our fruit trees :-(


Darroch Cottage said...

yes, I thought it was the rabbits that are peeling our citrus fruit, but I was told the other day it's possums. We have friends that can lend us a trap to catch them ( and if we catch our cats we can let them go - but it's what to do with it once we catch it - well I know the answer to that really but....Lloyd!
Your garden is looking great and I love the wheelbarrow shot!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Yes the pesky old possums are certainly doing some damage. We have some very young feijoa trees around our citrus orchard and they ate some of the bigger fruit and broke off some main branches on the tiny trees.. I have tried to take cuttings from the broken bits so we'll see how they go. We use the Timms traps (the yellow kill traps) so I just have to either dig a hole for another fruit tree and put the dead possum in that (only so many holes we require however!!) or else it goes in the compost heap. G has shot a few but we find the traps work pretty well if you put them in strategic spots and use cinnamon dusted apple to bait them (and extra bait nearby on the ground). Good luck with catching some at your place. It's an ongoing battle!

Amy said...

Very clever of dylan to take that photo. Yep we've got possums here in town too, the dog does not like them.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

He's getting quite good at taking photos, although he still takes ones of his feet, up his nose etc!!

I think we may have to get some more traps, since we don't have a dog to chase them away!

Matron said...

What a lovely photo! We don't have possums here in London... but I sure have my share of other pesky critters to dig up or eat my tasty crops. It is one long battle, and I have a dog that can't be bothered to chase anything off anyway!