Thursday, February 17, 2011

A day at the beach

This morning I took D out to the beach (Waipu Cove) and met up with some of his Playcentre buddies. We all had such a great time, it was so beautiful. We all went beach combing to find various objects and then explored rock pools and dipping in the water.
Checking out the surf

Rock pools galore

A shelly cove to explore

Fun climbing on the rocks
Big gnarly pohutukawa tree
The 'treasures'  we found

I found this interesting ?bulb skeleton  


Maa said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had by all. That first photo nearly made me want to put my 'sunnies' on too!
What a beautiful day and you have one too. Maa.

Mrs. Mac said...

Your beach outing AND peaches look grand! I'm aching for spring to arrive and to see some of my garden .. minus snow. How nice to be in the midst of summer .. at the tide pools .. and having all the summer yummy-ness of the garden bounty. I've never heard of your peach variety .. but it's sure a beauty.

Killiecrankie Farm said...

A wonderful beach trip - your coast is similar but so different to ours, love the looks of your "odd" trees and beach finds. That strange pod at the end is an amazing shape and texture.

Mary said...

New Zealand is beautiful!

Dr Mum said...

Yeaah! ripping haul of found beach treasures. What a lovely beach for kids.

We have a wasp nest in the roof space
which I am fretting about. I once dug into one when I lived in Stanton Harcourt, they swarmed and chased me down the path. Scary.

Meredith Wall said...

Hi there, just wondering if I could buy your bulb skeleton? Sounds strange, I know! My mum had one the same that she picked up on a beach in Australia about 30 years ago. It was one of her favourite things. Last week my cat ripped it to shreds! Needless to say, I really need a replacement ASAP and I don't even know what this bulb skeleton is!? Name a price, if you are interested! Thanks.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Meredith
Please send me an email