Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We're currently harvesting.....

Banana melons and watermelon
 The Banana melons weighed in at around 2kgs each. The watermelon was more that 5kgs.

Here's a selection of veg from the garden. From clockwise top left:
Brandywine tomatoes
French beans, green and purple (they cook up green)
Maori pototoes (Urenika)
Strawberries (doing really well, we're getting lots again)
Green Sausage tomatoes, stripy green and yellow outside, green inside
Yellow 'Peach' tomatoes - their skin is a bit furry!
Rua potatoes

Yesterday G picked a few kilos of the Brandywines so I will be onto making sauce in the very near future!

We're also getting lots of corn. Tea tonight was corn fritters, with fried Brandywine tomatoes, avocado, and tomato chutney, followed by Banana melon...YUM!


Tanya said...

Yum! Haven't come across banana melons before. What colour are they inside? Do they have seeds like a watermelon? The Maori potatoes too are new to me/ What are they like when cut. What is their best use?

pilgrimscottage said...

I can see why they are called banana melons. Isn't it fun to harvest your own food?!

Dr Mum said...

That is an awesome selection of veg.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Tanya
I should have taken some more photos shouldn't I! The banana melons are orange inside, like a rock melon. The Maori potatoes are a deep purple inside. I like to use them in a potato salad. Will get some more pics up asap.