Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photos of various fruit and veg

I've been 'raving on' about the Brandywine Pink tomatoes that I've almost forgotten to mention some of the other tomatoes in the garden..!

Out of the other tomatoes I planted (see list here), 'Black Krim' which is also a beefsteak, is producing pretty well and is another great tasting meaty tomato:

Here is the inside of the Banana melon, which we're enjoying plenty of at the moment:
Banana melon
 And the watermelon:
'Rapid Red' watermelon

The first peach off variety 'Spring Red'. The flesh is an unusual colour, but it was perfectly ripe, and boy was it delicious!
Oh the joys of summertime.

The flesh inside was a greenish white

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Maa said...

I love fruit and can sometimes eat too much. I snack on it all day.

I notice we have the same outdoor setting? How uncanny? Maa.