Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Freezing some of the corn harvest

I tackled this job today. I used my corn stripping gadget which has a long wide serrated blade at the back and a plastic clip-on front for collecting the corn (and measuring it should you desire).

With 'Oxo' corn stripper

Blanching the corn

1st chilling in ice cold water

2nd chilling in fresh ice-cold water
Draining on tea towel
Taking the kernels off the cobs and into freezer bag

All ready to freeze!
I got 1.2kgs of kernels from my 20 cobs which I'm happy with. The corn we planted this year is a mix of Florida Supersweet,
Xtra Tender Kernel F1 and Golden Extra Sweet. Not sure which is which here though sorry! Mostly it's grown very well, a few of the cobs have been 'mutant', with the kernels covering only part of the cob.


Maa said...

What a natty little gadget. I absolutely love corn and Petal can't stand it so all the more for me!! Maa

Mrs. Mac said...

You will so enjoy the fresh frozen corn during the winter! If you have a vacuum-seal bag (appliance), you can seal the blanched/cooled whole or half ears .. pop them in the freezer and enjoy corn on the cob that tastes just picked. We're on the down side of winter .. getting antsy for spring. What the heck ?? It's snowing here today.