Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cake pops!

I've seen these little cute sweet treats on several blogs, notably Bakerella. After making D's robot birthday cake, I had quite a bit of leftover chocolate cake 'trimmings' to use up was the perfect solution.

I made up some chocolate icing/frosting using butter, icing sugar, vanilla extract and a dash of milk. The cake bits were crumbled up in a large bowl (approx. 3 cups worth), then I added some of the icing to make it sticky. The mixture was rolled into small balls and these were laid on a baking-paper lined tray. At this point along came my little helper, to put the lolly sticks in, first dipping them into some melted chocolate:

The unfinished cake pops then went into the freezer for about 20 mins to firm up.

I melted more chocolate, about 400g in total, to dip the pops in, twirled each one around to loose any excess and then working quickly sprinkled on a little chocolate 'hail'. I used some polystyrene to stand the pops in to set thoroughly and then put them in the fridge.

Outcome: these were VERY sweet with all the icing and extra chocolate etc. Next time I will make them a little smaller, and try using less icing in the mix. It was hard to use any less chocolate to coat them, since they set quickly and there's not a lot of time to muck around! It would be interesting to experiment with different types of cake to find a less sweet option.

However, all in all they were fun to make, look great and make a nice wee treat. Not something I would be making again soon though, since I am not planning to make that many more themed cakes this year..maybe just one for hubby!


Dr Mum said...

They look yummy in the photo. My grand-daughter and I just made satay bananas to go with some crabs we were given today. Worked rather well. Happy Birthday to Master D.

Ruth said...

Your cake pops look nice! I tried those last year and it was a total fail. My mixture was too soft and it fell apart when I tried to coat them in chocolate. They were extremely sweet too - it is such an American recipe isn't it! They are fun though and really pretty when done right like yours are!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Dr Mum
Satay bananas sounds interesting. Hope all's well x

Hi Ruth, thanks for your comment. Yes these were extremely sweet you're right! If I made them again I would try to make them less sweet - not so much icing - they didn't fall apart but maybe I put too much in. Plus I would use different chocolate (better quality, maybe Lindt or Green & Blacks)