Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rainbow morning

Just posting this photo of a fantastic rainbow we spotted the other morning. Amazingly, it didn't actually rain on that day. But since then we have had a few heavy showers, and a dramatic thunderstorm with lightning last night. The wind is gusting South Westerlies today, but in between the showers the sun still manages to shine.

Slow progress around the property. I have rotary hoed the old potato patch, it will need another work over in about a week to turn over any new weeds. Then into this area is going lupins for a 'green manure' crop plus a row or patch of carrots, might even put my garlic in this area this year.

Today I bought some Spring onions and lettuce seedlings to put in. I wanted Red Onions too but couldn't find any.

Dug up and ate our very first ever swede, but forgot to take photo for the blog.. (doh!) It was nice.

The brassicas (caulis, broccoli and cabbages) are all growing very slowly. We've put in some mangels and sugar beet for the next lot of pigs. They are growing well, could have put more seed in but it will suffice.


Dr Mum said...

You'll be able to make authentic Cornish Pasties.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Great idea Dr Mum, can you send me a good recipe?