Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What went wrong with my soap?

I made this olive oil based soap last week and it's still very sticky and doesn't look right. I used different olive oil to the usual one I use - it was actually some from our neighbours who have olive trees. The oil was very green in colour with quite a bit of sediment, no good for culinary use. Apparently something went wrong in the pressing process, so they gave it to me to experiment with in my soap making!
I'm picking my results were because of this oil, but can any experienced soap makers out there confirm this? or maybe have any other suggestions? Pretty sure I had the oil and lye at the correct temperatures and I mixed well with my stick blender until trace.
Will it dry out in time? I'm turning it daily and the edges are looking drier but the middles not. Your comments are very welcome as I'm such a novice at soap making!

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