Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spelt bread

Our good friend H is here on a visit and very kindly sought out and purchased some organic spelt flour, with which I made this loaf today:

She found me the recipe - here - and it was very easy and quick to prepare. I used my preheated pyrex glass casserole dish in place of a tin as this had previously worked well when I tried it for some rye sourdough. I made half the quantity in this recipe to get just the one loaf, since the spelt flour is expensive and this was my first attempt at this recipe.

The bread rose quite well and was quite light in texture, with a distinct nutty flavour. Sliced thinly with some carrot hummus, cold organic herb and garlic beef sausage, with a little cheese and tomato, we agreed it made a delicious sandwich.

We both wondered if  a yeast-based recipe would yield a less 'holey' texture, or maybe I just needed to mix the dry ingredients much more. In any case, it was certainly a very tasty loaf and quite a success. Do you use spelt flour for your bread making and if so what recipes work for you?


TC Harris said...

I have some damper bread in the oven right now, but I have never tried spelt flour in bread. Sounds like it would be yummy!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Twisted Cinderella
Thanks for your comment. I'd never made damper bread until this loaf. The spelt flour is quite a strong flavour, I might try mixing it with standard wheat flour next time. Also the rest of the household didn't like it much - they prefer less dense loaves!