Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shepherd's delight?

This was the sunset a few nights ago, after we had quite a bit of rain and wind. I have to admit that the next day was a little sunnier perhaps there is some truth to the old saying "Red sky at night, shepherd's delight".

Not too much going on in the veg garden, because I hurt my knee not so long ago, and it has stopped me from doing all the things I wanted to do..aargh!

I am gradually trying to replant the strawberry plants into new beds, which have been given a good dose of home-made compost. There are more to dig up and move but I'm getting there slowly. Apart from keeping them watered it will also be crucial to keep them netted from the birds. I might try placing red painted stones around the beds, this is supposed to work to deter the birds from eating strawberries. Has anyone tried this?

Apart from the strawberries, I'm also in the process of tackling the raspberry canes which have spread all over the place. These are also going to be moved to another, less dry and slightly shady spot where a patch of them did well last year. Sadly I have now used up all of our frozen raspberries from earlier this year. I made a few jars of raspberry jam, one of our favourite jams. I do like to have frozen raspberries on hand for smoothies and baking though, so it will be good to get bigger harvests in future years. One can never have too many raspberries don't you agree?!


Amy said...

agree with you about the sunsets, we've had similar ones here :-)

BLD in MT said...

That jam looks amazing. We've got some canes that are a couple years old. They produce, but not yet enough for jam making. We don't get trouble on the strawberries from the birds. We get it from the millipedes. Its always something.... :)

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi BLD in MT
Thanks, it was actually one of the better batches of jam I've made so that was good as we had no more raspberries for a 2nd attempt!
Interesting about the millipedes!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Amy
Yes haven't they been spectacular sunsets!

Yang Saya Suka said...

I am sorry obout your knee, I hope you will get better soon.

Your pictures are so amazing, have a great week!


Stoke Lane Lottie said...

Lovely jam. Looks as if it's set very nicely. Half of the new autumn raspberry canes on my plot are coming along and will have a few raspberries soon, but the Polka variety has not shown any growth at all this year. The supplier said I could make a claim at the end of the growing season. So no jam for me yet!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Thanks Hari, my knee is getting better gradually :-)
Best wishes Bridget

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Thanks yes it did set well. I added a little pectin to it this time, have always had runny berry jam in the past despite adding lemon juice!
Shame about your Polka ones :-( but at least you can get a refund. Maybe you need another variety there?