Sunday, July 27, 2008

Storm damage

The worst of the storm has passed now, and the wind has flipped around and is now hitting us from the southwest, so it's a bit cold. There are quite a few trees (over 100....yikes!) that now need staking as a result of the strong winds. We didn't stake them when we put them in as they were small and we'd read articles suggesting you could leave them and they would strengthen in the elements and thus not require staking.. hmm. Also the door to the chook run has broken. This was partly because we have a passionfruit vine growing on the fence and the weight of it in combination with the wind pulled the gatepost over.

Other than that just a bit of debris (buckets etc) to pick up from around the paddocks.

So we've a bit more work to do now. One of the joys of living in an exposed coastal area.

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