Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wild weather again

We have storm conditions again, with a very strong easterly blowing (rising to be strong gales later this morning) and heavy rain. The paper is reporting "the most intense sub-tropical storm of the decade", and for people to stay indoors. I hope nothing flys away!
Last night G and I did slug patrol and put down more bait. There seems no end to the number of slimy munchers. When we'd got to one end of a bed, looked again, there were more where we'd already been!
I'm a bit concerned that the poor seedlings are now getting a battering as the fencing isn't up to give any shelter but nothing we can do now.

Pic taken this afternoon, usually this is just a small stream!


claes said...

Oh, what a charming family! My name is Ingvar, I´m an 65 yeras ol man from Sweden. Im a musician and love Bach above all. I tried yesterday to start my own blog, Claes blog.
It i s much to read and comment at yoru blog. I will return soon!
Let us all work for a good world to evreryone! I wisch you and your family a happy day!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Ingvar, pleased to meet you. Good luck with your blog. Best wishes Bridget