Friday, July 18, 2008

News from the hen house

Things are looking up in the hen house. One of our 2 grey Araucana hens has started laying again!
This morning I collected 3 eggs, one from the Araucana (they lay green/blue coloured eggs), a small one from one of the Indian Game hens, and the biggest egg is from the Orpington. We have 14 chickens all up, only a few are laying because 5 of the Indian Game hens are too young (should start laying this Spring), we have one very old white Chinese Silkie hen who's nearly blind and not laying, also I think 1 or 2 of the older Indian Game hens are not laying anymore (they might be chicken pie soon).
Although the Indian Game birds are a rare breed and pretty to look at, they don't lay very large eggs, and we're finding the young hens quite flighty, they like to perch on the top of the 1.8m high fence that encloses the run! Also they perch on the roof of the hen house and make a mess with their droppings. I'm tempted to introduce some other breed(s) which lay larger eggs. Can see why people go with Brown Shavers, they do lay nice big eggs.


Danny said...

Hi, Bridget & family.

Danny here – Fiona’s much maligned other half.

Hey, so you guys live in North Island eh? Fiona’s bro lives in Fielding (names withheld to protect the innocent). Some day soon we will make it to NZ and walk upside down like you do! We will let you know well in advance :-)

I had never heard of Aracunas until our good friend, The Chicken Lady and hubby S, purchased a clutch of fertilised eggs to place under a broody hen. Now that I know what they look like from your photo, I can’t wait to see the chicks.

Thanks for that recipe for fried rice. I never could cook it in the past but I think your method means I can surprise Her Ladyship one evening next week. I will report back.

I am intrigued by your goat meat. It’s something I never tasted but, as a 10 year old devouring that fantastic classic book Robinson Crusoe, I longed to cook goat stew just as he did. Can’t wait for the outcome of your culinary experiments on said goatmeat.

Love you blog, layout, content and photos. Many thanks.

Best wishes,

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Danny, nice to "meet" you and thanks for all your positive comments re the blog. Hope the fried rice lives up to expectations :-) We have eaten goat before, it is really just like mutton. I have cooked it as a roast (usually the leg) and also used it in curry. Will post a photo soon of the quantity of meat we got off 3 goats, our freezer is now 'chocka'! It was a big job but well worth the effort.