Friday, July 25, 2008

Vege seedlings

Since the little seedlings got eaten by slugs, we decided to buy some from the local garden centre. They're a decent size so should be more resilient to the munchers. Anyway, we got some broccoflower, a cross between broccoli and cauli and also some Romanesco broccoli which is a cone shaped Italian broccoli. I hope they both flourish.
Also purchased some onions, 'Californian Red', 'Bunching' and Spring, and some Lemon Thyme.

The pink skinned garlic is doing well, the shoots are about 10cm+. And our potatoes, Ilam Hardy and Moonlight are both coming up now. We have just used up our supply from the ones harvested in Jan/Feb and had to buy a bag at the green grocer yesterday.
No lack of pumpkins however! Still quite a lot of those, plus I have soup in the freezer, puree and plain cubed pumpkin frozen too.

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