Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New chicks - who's who

I've been checking to see which colour chick is which breed and think I have them sussed!

Yellow chick is Light Sussex an the black one is Plymouth Barred Rock
The gauge of the chicken wire is a little bit too big for a broody box, they keep trying to go through it! Hence the yellow one sticking its head in!

Gold chick is Rhode Island Red and the brown striped one is Barnevelder

Mummy hen is an Araucana
Here they are enjoying a good scratch around the jade plants in pots.


Sandra said...

Lovely photos : ) Chicks never fail to make you smile.

Maa said...

Oh so cute, Eggs and roast dinners in the making!! lol! Maa.

Killiecrankie Farm said...

Your Arcauna is an amazing grey colour !
Lovely clucking noises about your garden I suspect. We inadvertently have a rooster, maybe we should let nature takes its path for a season before the coq au vin.