Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update for early January 2011

Greetings everyone
Time for a wee update here on Cabbage Tree Farm.
First off, we were given a cute little dish of homemade pate from our lovely neighbours (yes we do have some!!) D and M-F.
This recipe used rabbit and olives, and tasted delicious.

We've been enjoying some of the produce from the garden, zucchini (of course!):
 Some nice sized beetroot, this one is Chioggia:
 It has pink and white stripes when raw, but cooks up pretty pink:
 Cucumbers ('mini white'):

We've also been enjoying lettuces, beans and herbs - especially basil (I made some pesto yesterday to go with fresh pasta). The tomatoes are starting to ripen, and the chillies are fruiting at last, this one is my Jalapeno:

Jalapeno chilli pepper 


Maa said...

Bridget, Could you please go and have a look at my giveaway. Your a winner. Congratulations. Maa

Eco Gites of LĂ©nault said...

"Sigh" - spring seems so far away here still ..... but I have had my seed catalogues out :-)

Rosie x

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Wow thanks Maa! Have just sent you an email now.

Hi Rosie, Happy New Year!

pilgrimscottage said...

Never had pate but, those veggies look so good - and they are so pretty!

Sincerely, Emily said...

The pate looks lovely. And the fresh veggies look great too! It is still winter in my hemisphere, but we are eating fresh lettuce and spinach from the garden and dreaming up other fresh things in a few months time. Emily

Ruth said...

Your basil is outperforming mine - I can only dream of having enough to make pesto with!

With my garlic, I spread it out on the grass to dry for several days, bringing it in at night (I was worried it would get damp and mouldy if I left it out). So for the same reason I only left it on the trellis for one day - it is now hanging in my garage. I also forgot to mention I got the seed bulbs from Mapua Country Trading.


Killiecrankie Farm said...

those chioggia beetroots are so odd ! Do they taste as nice as the regular purple ones ?
Us Aussies take beetroot very seriously - I think it should be a national vegetable !

Dr Mum said...

Yum to the homemade pate.
The pink beetroot sounds like a perfect vegetable for veg-shy little girls!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Pilgrimscottage, yes they do look pretty don't they.

Hi Emily, won't be too long before you're enjoying your summer veg.

Thanks Ruth for the tips re drying garlic, we have only just harvested ours here.

Hi Killkrankie Farm
Yes the beetroot tastes the same (I think!), I have yet to try it raw since I am a bit of a novice at growing things and the few I had got big quickly. I think to have it raw it probably should be small and tender.

Hi Dr Mum
Yes indeed, just right for a wee girlie!