Saturday, September 13, 2008

Summer veges

It's that time of the year already. Today I've ordered some more seeds from my favourite online supplier.
Zucchini - Costasta Romanesco and Gold Rush, Tomato 'Roma' - we grew these last year and they were great, very prolific and nice meaty tomatoes, fabulous for baking in the oven and also to freeze for use later in casseroles etc. Tomato 'Rainbow Blend' - a mix of various colourful heirloom varieties. Watermelon 'Rapid Red', hopefully these will be a success. Also some corn 'Florida Supersweet' and 'Honey and Pearl'. For a few years we tried to grow the heirloom varieties of corn, such as Blue Aztec and Black Navajo but unfortunately they just didn't perform for us. So we're sticking to the modern hybrids.
I've also got quite a few other seeds already which I purchased a while back, chillies, an Italian cabbage, some other onions.
So a busy time coming up to get these under way.

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