Monday, December 20, 2010

Before and after in the new veg garden

Here is the rather bare view back on 12 Nov:

And here it is today. The zucchini (in foreground) and pumpkins are doing quite well. The sunflowers all in flower as of yesterday, corn to the rear left.

Newly planted tomatoes, basil and lettuces.
Same view today, grapevine to right of picture.

The soil is in pretty good condition as a result of all the pig manure (as this was the pig sty area for the piglets for a few months). We should hopefully get a few tomatoes this year if we can keep a handle on the bugs. Mind you saying that it has been very humid already this summer, usually that does not bode well for tomatoes.. But who knows, we'll keep optimistic! In between the tomatoes I've planted some lettuces, and loads of basil, the essential summer ingredient especially with vine ripened homegrown beautifully fresh tomatoes......(Drool) Can't wait!
Hope your gardens are all doing well, especially with all the recent rains if you are in this neck of the woods.


pilgrimscottage said...

Looks nice! Can't wait to get my kitchen garden started. We get humid weather here, too, so am hoping the tomatoes do well. We lost the tomatoes on the farm due to too much rain. I plan on letting my chickens range free in my garden to keep down pests. Hope your garden keeps doing well!

Maa said...

Hello Bridget, Your garden looks promising. I won't have mine started till next year and I'm getting some great ideas when I read blogs like yours.
I went outside yesterday and found someone had left some freshly picked zucchinis on my doorstep. I'm very lucky to have a few people around me that share their home grown goodies. I always reciprocate by giving them home made goodies.
Have a lovely Christmas. Maa.xx

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Pilgrimscottage
Just watch those chickens don't scratch up your veg or eat them! They can do a bit of damage as well as pest control!

Hi Maa
That's nice you have people giving you produce. We give away quite a bit too and often get back homemade pate and the like.