Saturday, December 4, 2010


 This was the ham I prepared yesterday. It took about 4 hours to boil it, then another hour in the oven with the glaze. This was the first time I'd cooked and glazed a ham and am reasonably happy with it, perhaps next time I should do it for longer in the oven (or higher temp) as the fat was a little 'wobbly' not firm. But apart from that, the verdict from G was 'the best ham he's ever eaten' so it was a pretty good result. Our butcher did a good job on preparing the meat for us, the ham has a nice smokey flavour.

And I made a potato salad with chives to go with it - borage, calendular and nasturtium flowers on only 1/2 as I am more a fan than G!


Maa said...

Looks delish, Bridget. My daughter in law has requested my baked ham for Christmas again this year. I ordered mine from our local butcher this week.

Dr Mum said...

Is ham, Bacon or Pork?
In Sweden they have ham on Xmas Eve and then fish on Christmas Day.

astropixie said...

that looks so yummy!!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Thanks Maa, yes it tastes pretty good too! Now I know what to do I will be more confident doing the next one.

Hi Dr Mum, my understanding is that ham is soaked in brine so like the piggy equivalent of corned beef.

Hi Astropixie, yes it is yummy. Many ham meals over the next few days!