Friday, March 14, 2008

Easy home made vanilla ice cream

This recipe does not require an ice cream machine and you don't mix the ice cream once it goes in the freezer like some recipes.

You'll need:

300mls fresh cream
3 eggs*
some caster sugar
1 tbpsn vanilla essence** or 2 vanilla beans
3 bowls


1. In a large bowl beat the cream with 1 tbspn of sugar until whipped softly.

2. Separate the eggs into 2 more bowls, then beat the yolks in one with 3 tbpsns of sugar until light and creamy.

3. Make sure beaters are clean, then beat whites in the other bowl until soft peaks form. Then beat in 1/2 cup sugar until thick and glossy.

4. Mix all together GENTLY with the vanilla essence or seeds scraped from the split pods.

5. Using a spatula, scoop the ice cream into a plastic container and seal with lid.

6. Freeze for 12 hrs,

* I use fresh free range eggs when our hens are laying. If you have to buy them get free range, I urge you to avoid purchasing eggs from battery hen farms. The labels on the cartons can be misleading, such as "Farm Fresh" etc so watch out. Why not think about keeping chickens? You only need a few. I'll be posting some tips on chicken keeping soon.

** I never buy artificial or flavoured essences as I personally think these are unhealthy to consume. Look for natural vanilla essence, or even vanilla beans, after all you're going to the effort to make some delicious ice cream why not make it a real treat? I buy my vanilla beans from Trade Me (see links).

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