Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Crab apples and quinces

Hubby came home a few days ago with a big bag of crab apples he procured from a wild tree growing near his workplace. I weighed them and there are about 4kgs which is a good amount. I will be turning them into crab apple jelly any day soon (recipe to follow).

Also he brought another bag of wild quinces, these are not quite ripe yet as they are a bit green. From what I've read they should be yellow and quite fragrant when they're ripe, but it wasn't a bad idea to pick them when unripe as they're a bit like pears in that respect. I haven't weighed the quinces yet but there must be a few kilos again will turn into jelly I think.

Apparently quinces fell out of favour in England once apples and pears became more readily available, and were able to be stored for long periods, unlike the quince presumably.

Anyway, it's just great to be able to pick these fruits from wild trees in our locality, plus it's a bonus that no one else seems to have noticed them, or maybe they just aren't bothered about getting some free fruit!

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