Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wild goat curry

A little while ago we were fortunate to be given a couple of legs of wild goat from a friend who went hunting. I put these in the freezer for keeping. Here is the recipe for the goat curry we ate last night using one of the legs.

I thawed the leg of goat first, then soaked it overnight in milk. Previously when we've eaten wild meat it's invariably been quite tough, so I figured the soaking might help. It did.

Then I sprayed the bowl of a slow cooker with oil (olive), set it to 'low', rinsed and dried the meat using kitchen paper (I just put the whole leg in or you could dice it). Then I added the following spices mixed to a thin paste with a little water:

about 2 tspns ground coriander

about 1 tspn turmeric

about 1 tspn chilli (depending on how hot you like your curries)

about 1 tspn salt

I poured the 'paste' over the meat and spread it all over using a spoon, put the lid of the slow cooker on and left it for about 5 hrs. Remember not to lift the lid of a slow cooker while cooking unless you really need to otherwise the cooking is interrupted by 30 mins each time!

After about 5 hrs I turned the meat over to make sure it was all coated in the curry paste and liquid that forms during cooking.

After about 10 hrs cooking time it was considered ready to eat, and we were hungry, so out it came. It was tender and tasty and fell off the bone. I served it with a little jasmine rice and some peas, and it went down well with us and our guest. The meat was really no different in taste to mutton.


Linda said...

My husband shot a wild goat this spring and our one meal from it was OK. Tonight I tried your Wild Goat Curry and it was GREAT! The only thing I did differently was remove the goat and keep it warm while my brown rice was cooking and add a about a half cup of cornstarch mixed with water to the juices in the slow cooker. I cooked it on HIgh for about 30 minutes until thickened and then added the goat back in. Thanks for a wonderful recipe!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Linda
So glad you had a success with the wild goat meat!
Best wishes

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