Friday, March 21, 2008

Hot (un)crossed buns

OK I made some hot buns today, didn't put crosses on top because we're not Christians.. (sorry Mum but you should know me by now!)

The recipe was from my breakmaker book, I have a Sunbeam machine.

Hubby said they were very tasty and gave them the 'thumbs up'.

The recipe is:

1 egg mixed with 150ml warm water.

Place in bread pan. Add 2 tblspns butter.

Mix 280g plain flour with 2 tblspns brown sugar, 1/2 tspn salt and 1/2 tspn ground allspice. Add to bread pan.

Make a small depression in the top of the flour and add 2tspns yeast (2 1/2 for NZ conditions).

Turn on to dough program.

Once ready, take out and knead for a bit then divide and shape into 12 balls, place close together on a greased baking pan.

Glaze* and bake for 25 mins at 200 degs C.

* Glaze 2 tblpns sugar, 2 tblspns water, 1 tspn gelatine heat and stir until sugar dissolves.

If you really want to put the crosses on top, 40g plain flour mixed with 2 tblspns water and 1 tspn sugar to form a paste then pipe the crosses ontop before glazing.

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