Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Apple trees

We've added a few more apple trees to our orchard today. (Notes from our supplier). Hopefully they will all do well.

Early (Dec/Jan/Feb):
Akane - a Japanese dessert apple. Keeps well on the tree.
Albany Beauty - dessert and cooking, Gravenstein strain. Stores for a few weeks.
Hetlina - mid early, originally from Czech republic. Firm, crisp, reliable cropper.

Mid Season (Mar/Apr):
Egremont Russett - golden brown russett skin, distinctive nutty flavour, good cropper, pre 1872.
Freyburg - yellow, juicy and crisp. Also used for cider.
Priscilla - bright red splashes, keeps for over 2 months, good disease resistance.
Telstar - NZ apple (1934), Dessert apple, yellow/orange skin, red flush.

Late season (Apr/Jun):
Braeburn, well known commercial variety, can hang on tree
Charden - from France, large juicy apple, yellow skin with red cheek. Keeps 4 months.
Kempton - Dark red apple, firm. Potential for cider.

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