Sunday, August 24, 2008

Moreton bay fig

When Dylan was 1 yr old we celebrated his birthday by planting a tree. That tree was a cutting (fallen branch) from a magnificent Moreton Bay Fig tree, which grows at a small coastal settlement called Pahi.

The tree (a native of Queensland, Australia) is supposed to be one of the largest of its kind in the world and has a recorded height of 27m, spread of 42m and girth of 14m, although I suspect it is somewhat bigger than this now as the sign looked a little old.

Anyway, the cutting we picked up from the ground was shoved into a pot of soil and left for a few years. It sprouted and flourished and we felt it was a special tree and appropriate for planting on the occasion of our son's first birthday.

But disaster has since struck, the cows have forced their heads through the fencing and munched the tree almost to oblivion..........

So yesterday we ventured out to find another cutting to replace the tree and were successful. Let's hope the cutting strikes and we can replace the tree in a couple of years, with more robust protection from the four legged munchers!

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