Friday, August 8, 2008

Round up of the last few days

What a busy week. I haven't had a chance to bake any more bread, will get on to that at the next opportunity. Also want to give making muesli bars a go, I haven't done those before.

It's been slow progress outside. A couple of nights of 'slug patrol' and a few barrows full of mulch spread about. The citrus orchard needs some attention, mowing and then each tree needs weeding and mulching before we hit the warmer and drier weather and the ground turns to 'concrete'.

Weather wise it has settled down a bit, we've had a few non-windy days, even a bit of sunshine, frost on occasion. But everything is still pretty muddy and soggy from the major amount of rainfall.

I bought some more broccoflower and broccoli seedlings to boost the dwindling crop due to slimy munchers. Also got more 'wildlife friendly' slug bait (obviously not friendly to slugs..), trouble is the rain keeps washing it away. If we're lucky we'll get a few veges yet!
Planted a lemon thyme plant and a 'curry' plant today. Lots of onions still to go in.

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