Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cold weather of late

The weather has been unusually cold for the time of year. The southerly wind persists, despite the sun trying its hardest to warm us up. No wonder my tomato, chilli and eggplant seeds have not sprouted. It's not just cold here in NZ but also over in England, with the heaviest fall of snow in the south of the country since 1934 reported recently. Not a peep about this in the papers here, or the fact that London had snow in October for the first time in 74 years.. we found out on the net..

So much for global warming eh...


Joanna said...

I find that I get much more world news from reading blogs than the papers ... it's a different version of the day's news, much more interesting, and giving just as good a world picture. I don't read political blogs, just cooking, home, and garden blogs. All life is there :)


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Joanna, yes the info on the net is often very interesting and there are a lot of great blogs to follow if one has the time. Hope the weather has warmed up a bit now over there!