Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ice cream maker

Although I make vanilla ice cream on a regular basis, there are some recipes I've seen that call for the use of an ice cream machine. So with summer approaching (any day now, err when the cold wind stops that is....) and the thought of strawberry ice cream at some stage soon, I purchased a machine while we were out and about doing some shopping yesterday.

The machine is one that requires pre-freezing of the inner canister and prior preparation and chilling of the mixture. I chose the recipe for chocolate ice cream, since I had just the right amount of chocolate on hand, a nice dark mocha. The recipes in the booklet all require egg yolks only, so I guess I'll be making a pavlova any day now to use up all those egg whites, what a great excuse. I can put some of our strawberries on top. Anyway, I digress.......

The mixing took about 40mins, the booklet says it's ready when the paddle starts turning both ways, this was only to a soft scoop stage, but as we prefer our ice cream harder I put the canister of ice cream in the freezer for a further 30mins as suggested.

The verdict: nice but too soft! We've left it in the freezer to have tomorrow night instead.


Daffernia said...
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Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Daffernia
Hope you enjoy your machine, well more importantly, the ice cream! I find the banana ice cream recipe very easy, especially as it requires no eggs which - having my own chickens - are sometimes in short supply. Thanks for looking at my blog.