Friday, November 7, 2008

Saving money around the house

There are a couple of substances hanging around the place of greater value than we may all realise.....

I'm talking about vodka for one. Loads of uses other than mixing with fresh orange juice and lots of ice. I recently started a brew of home made vanilla essence. A small bottle (40-50ml) was retailing for about $8 in the supermarket. After doing some sums, we figured out we could make our own for around a quarter of that price. Seeing as I had plenty of spent vanilla pods to use - I make my own vanilla ice cream - the cost is substantially reduced as I'm using up the 'waste' product. Check here for simple instructions on how to make it yourself.

The other handy substance is good old baking soda. It has numerous uses around the home at a fraction of the cost of yukky chemical products, and we try hard to avoid using chemicals where we can for health reasons.

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I Have adjusted the comments back to this format. Raw fish recipe has been posted for you to try.