Thursday, November 27, 2008

More on the gardening scene

I am ashamed to say that I've only just started putting in my tomato plants. Way late this year. The seedlings I tried to get going a while back just didn't do well, since I have no really suitable area to raise them. With all the strong cold winds things have been a bit tough going for the poor old seedlings. So we purchased some plants but for one reason or another I just didn't get around to putting them in the ground. Today I managed to plant and put in stakes for 6 (3 were 'Russian Red' and 3 a hybrid called 'Ace'), which is small progress as there are about a dozen more to go, some are unidentified ones that seeded in the garden and I dug up, also x1 'Black Krim'. I'm hoping we'll get a late summer!
I do have some 'Roma' seedlings now successfully growing although still a bit small to put in the garden.

No real success with my chilli seeds - I only have 2 Jalapeno chillies of reasonable size. None of the Thai Hot came up, so I'm trying again. The eggplants (aubergines) also did not come up. It's just not hot enough, I need a greenhouse for those.

Also have today purchased more seeds:

Coriander 'Slowbolt'
Basil 'Sweet Genovese'
Basil 'Fino Verde'
Chilli 'Ancho St Luis'
Chilli 'Pasilla Bajio'


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Guilty as charged. My tomatoes are still sitting in their pots. Had to do the Maungaturoto Matters for the last few days. Now I'm heading to the Country Club to help put it all together and I edit the thing. LOL. Will catch up with the rest of your posts.


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Well don't worry I think there is still plenty of time to get a good crop off them if you get them in soon. We just won't be eating them as soon as some people. Nothing beats those garden grown tomatoes eh.